Aqua Connect ( has announced support for over 60 features and options in their Mac terminal services solution. The Aqua Connect Terminal Server supports the latest Mac OS X features such as Core Animation and Core Image, along with greater compatibility with Apple’s Workgroup Manager.

Aqua Connect Terminal Server can now utilize more of the functionality of Apple’s Workgroup Manager, including the ability to create a Simple Finder in Mac OS X. A Simple Finder will allow administrators to deliver single or specific applications to users while also disabling the other functions of the desktop. Simple Finder is the easiest way for administrators to present application virtualization in OS X terminal services, says Renee Mehrian, executive vice president of Aqua Connect.

The Aqua Connect Administrator Tool was developed to complement Workgroup Manager’s features. The Administrator Tool is capable of customizing specific user environments to increase performance in low bandwidth networks. Color and packet compression along with CPU prioritization allows administrators to enhance performance settings for specific users. Aqua Connect also announced today improved full screen application Open GL support.

This enhancement of Open GL capabilities allows for greater scalability on the server. Applications use one-fourth of their normally required workstation memory usage when deployed through an Aqua Connect Terminal Server user session, allowing organizations to increase the scalability and deployment of applications in their organization, says Mehrian.