Hendrickson Software Components (http://www.hendricom.com) has released Purify 2.3.0, an update of the tool for filtering email and tracing and reporting spam, which uses the Purify Lexical Analysis Tool (PLAT). It adds support for Email compass 1.1.0 changes.

Using an English dictionary, and an algorithm that examines the content of an email using 5 parts of speech, the PLAT will examine the email message content to determine what words it considers “meaningful” in the message. This is a far more accurate way to apply a statistics based filter to email message content, according to the folks at Hendrickson.

Purity can be used as a stand-alone product. However, it was designed to scale, so that it can support a workgroup from a central computer. Purify’s filtering features will also be integrated into an upcoming hsc product, an information manager called “Compass” (Spring ’08).

Versions are available for the Mac, Windows, and Linux, and support virtually every email client. The Mac version is completely AppleScript-able and comes with a set of AppleScripts that can be customized by the user. Purity is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Purify 2.5 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and up. It costs US$29.95.