Bluestreak Technology (, which specializes in delivering software presentation solutions on embedded devices, has announced from IBC 2010 the launch of MachBlue XT, an integrated Flash and HTML5 application platform.

According to Dominique Jodoin, Bluestreak Technology CEO and president MachBlue XT offers a flexible solution to the current Flash versus HTML5 technology battle that is forcing network operators to maintain multiple application platforms to achieve true cross-platform support. MachBlue XT unites the top presentation technologies, including Flash and HTML5, into a single open platform for delivering rich media experiences uniquely optimized to run across TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, and other consumer electronic devices, he adds.

The platform includes both a custom Flash player as well as an HTML application engine, specifically optimized for embedded devices. Additionally, open libraries and interfaces speed development of applications and widgets, based on industry standards.

“The absence of Flash support with the recent iPad and iPhone launches raised a clear need for companies to support HTML5 development,” says Chetan Sharma, president and founder of Chetan Sharma Consulting. “However, while HTML5 is growing as an accepted solution for rich media delivery, Flash provides many features absent in HTML5 today and simply remains more accepted and powerful. Bluestreak Technology is making a smart move by delivering a platform that lets developers and operators support both Flash and HTML5 presentation technologies. One size does not fit all — especially with embedded devices.”