Thursby Software Systems has released ADmitMac PKI 3, its third generation Mac-Windows integration software. It enhances security, increases efficiency, reduces identity fraud and protects personal privacy for government and enterprise clients integrating Apple Macs into their enterprise PC worlds using CAC and PIV smart card security, according to the folks at Thursby.

ADmitMac PKI now supports Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), as well as Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) operating systems. It also adds formal support from Thursby for all of the U.S. Government CAC Next Generation cards, including Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144K and Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual. ADmitMac PKI continues to include all of Thursby’s additional networking software from both DAVE and ADmitMac technologies including full OCSP, Microsoft DFS and single sign on over VPN support.

Thursby’s software is engineered and supported by Mac-Windows specialists from Arlington, Texas. Their client-based solutions allow Macs to be managed just like PCs. They require no disruptive additions of Windows Server software, Mac OS X Servers or any schema changes.   Features can be added and bugs corrected without any need to change the particular OS X version being run, a key requirement for enterprise level support.

ADmitMac PKI 3 features include:

° The ability to sign on identity and access management (IAM) for Macs using ADmitMac technology from either Microsoft Active Directory/Group Policy Objects (GPO) or Mac Workgroup Manager (WGM);

° The capability to a single sign on over VPN (Virtual Private Network) support;

° DAVE technology for commercial grade Windows file and printer sharing that’s important for networked, creative Mac applications from Apple, Adobe, Avid and Microsoft;

° Full support for Microsoft Distributed File Systems (DFS) and network volumes for true enterprise integration and scalability;

° Meets DoD PKI requirement;

° Direct smart card middleware support;

° True PKE Single Sign-On (Kerberos PKINIT);

° Tumbleweed/Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

° Automatic PKI trust configuration;

° “Sudo” replacement for administration;

° The ability to publish CAC Certificates in Active Directory;

° Deployment tools to facilitate enterprise-scale rollouts and maintenance;

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