Enfocus (http://www.enfocus.com/contentpage.php?id=794) has announced PitStop Workgroup Manager, an efficiency tool developed to simplify the use of Enfocus PitStop Pro in multi-user, collaborative working environments.
PitStop Pro is designed to operate as a standalone desktop application, but in practice it is frequently used in workgroups, where people need to collaborate. This means different team members wish to share Preflight Profiles, Action Lists, Workspaces, etc., while the team manager needs to control the settings that are used. Although you can export the PitStop Pro Action Lists and Preflight Profiles for import by other users, there’s been no way to manage this across a workgroup from a single central point and make sure that everybody uses only the latest settings.
PitStop Workgroup Manager solves this issue. To be released at the same time as new PitStop Pro 10, the Workgroup Manager runs on a central computer and allows one person to control the allocation of settings.
PitStop Workgroup Manager also manages PitStop Pro licenses by acting as a license server for floating licenses. For each licensed PitStop Pro copy in the local area network, PitStop Workgroup Manager can automatically be used to distribute settings like Preflight Profiles, Action Lists, Global Changes, output intents, Workspaces and color preferences.
The PitStop Workgroup Manager also enables large companies to apply policies to certain groups, says Elli Cloots, Enfocus director of Product Management. PitStop Workgroup Manager is supplied when purchasing a floating license for PitStop Pro 10. A floating license allows the installation of unlimited copies of PitStop Pro across a network, but only a certain number can be used simultaneously. The user pays for a certain number of floating licenses: for instance five or 10, with a progressive discount.
Enfocus PitStop Workgroup Manager will become commercially available together with the PitStop Pro 10 release in October. For pricing go to the Enfocus web site.