REAL Software — creator of REAL Studio, a cross-platform software development tool for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux — has announced a new platform for their development tool, the web, which will be available in REAL Studio Web Edition.

Traditional web development requires developers to learn multiple languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP and Java. REAL Studio Web Edition, that includes patent pending technology, provides a visual drag and drop interface builder that saves hours of development time when compared to hand-coding HTML and CSS, according to Geoff Perlman, REAL Software Founder and CEO. Developers will only need to learn a single high-level, object-oriented language which is tightly integrated with the REAL Studio web framework, he adds.

Perlman says benefits of using REAL Studio Web Edition to develop web applications include:

° A low learning curve compared to learning multiple complicated languages;

° Speed of development is 30 to 50 times faster than traditional languages;

° The compiled applications are binaries, making them difficult to hack;

° Applications are compiled to machine code allowing developers to sell their software with the knowledge that their intellectual property is safe and secure;

° A lot of widgets are included to help you build your user interface;

° If you choose, you can give your app a desktop-like look and feel;

° Because it compiles your app to machine code, code execution is very fast compared to interpreted languages like PHP;

° The integrated debugger makes tracking down bugs far easier than traditional web development tools.

REAL Studio Web Edition will be available this fall. It will cost US$599 for a new license and will also be available in REAL Studio Enterprise Edition, which is priced at $995. REAL Studio Enterprise Edition is available now and currently compiles cross-platform applications for Mac, Windows and Linux.

REAL Studio is currently available in three editions: Personal, Professional and Enterprise. To learn more about creating applications for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux visit . REAL Studio is available in a 30-day trial edition and also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

REAL Studio, formerly REALbasic, is a cross-platform software development tool. It’s priced at $99 and is geared for hobbyists and students. REAL Studio Professional Edition, required for cross-platform compilation, is $299. REAL Studio Enterprise Edition, made for full-time developers, is priced at $995. For more info go to .