Only 2% of US homes which do not currently own an Apple device intend to buy an iPad during the next 12 months, compared to 18% of Apple-owning households, according to a new survey of 2000 US consumers by Strategy Analytics (

The report, “Apple’s iPad: Identifying Early Adopters and Intentions to Buy,” finds that ownership of another Apple product — such as an iPod, MacBook or iPhone — is the strongest indicator of intention to buy an iPad. For example, nearly a third of iPhone users in the US plan to buy an iPad during the coming year. In total 90% of iPad sales are expected to come from existing Apple device owners.

“Apple’s iPad is preaching to the converted,” says the report’s author, David Mercer, principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “Many iPhone, Apple computer and iPod owners have snapped up their first iPad in the first few months since it was launched, and many of those who haven’t plan to follow suit over the coming year.”

The study finds evidence of strong customer satisfaction for the iPad, since nearly half of households which have already bought their first iPad intend to buy another one within the next 12 months. This is backed up by findings that multiple household ownership of iPads is already increasing rapidly: respondents with at least one iPad report an average of 1.7 devices per household.

“Apple can mop up plenty of iPad demand from its loyal customer base before it needs to start focusing on the 50% of people who do not yet own one of its products,” comments Peter King, director, Connected Home Devices.