A recent Morpace (http://www.morpace.com) study shows that if the iPhone does become available on the Verizon network, it would impact the phone and carrier intentions of many consumers. The study found that nearly a third of consumers are very likely or somewhat likely to purchase an iPhone if it is made available to Verizon.

The survey reveals that Verizon iPhone intenders come primarily from current Verizon customers. However, intenders are also drawn from current AT&T customers as well as from other carriers. Current AT&T iPhone customers are also interested in a Verizon iPhone.

Recent rumors of the iPhone availability on Verizon or another carrier may also be impacting the number of upgrades seen for the iPhone 4, according to Morpace, a market research and consulting firm. Nearly all 34% of AT&T iPhone owners who haven’t yet upgraded to the iPhone 4 say they are waiting for the iPhone to become available through another mobile carrier before upgrading.

The impact on other Verizon smart phones that have not previously had to compete directly with the iPhone may be significant if Verizon begins to carry the iPhone, says Morpace. It could drastically impact the purchase of other phones.

There may be concerns over how the Verizon network will handle the bandwidth demands of iPhone users, the research group notes. They aadd that the shake-up of unlimited vs. tiered data plans will continue and become a key element of customer choice. The mobile networks will need to carefully develop their business strategies.

Morpace says the impact of Android phones, a current favorite among Verizon customers, has yet to be determined and could be the key to understanding future market share if Verizon and Apple develop an agreement.