Sennheiser ( has released three new wireless headphones that purportedly deliver high-resolution, movie-theater-quality audio via uncompressed wireless transmission from Kleer. The RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180 are equipped with dynamic transducers.

According to the folks at Sennheisr, not only can you move around while watching television but you can also enjoy cable-free music at a radius of up to 328 feet (RS 160 up to 65 feet, RS 170 up to 262 feet and RS 180 up to 328 feet; optimum line-of-sight). The frequency response reaches from 18 to 21,000 Hertz and boats a sound pressure level of up to 110 decibels.

The RS 160 — which has a street price of US$199.95 — is the entry-level model: they’re closed headphones on which the volume can be controlled directly on the headphones. The RS 170 ($249.99) is also a closed model and delivers dynamic bass boost and switchable surround sound simulation. The top-of-the-range RS 180 model ($299.95) is targeted at sound purists; the open design ensures a particularly natural listening experience which can be set to individual preferences. The speech intelligibility can be improved through dynamic compression (Automatic Level Control) and the balance can also be individually adjusted.