UK based multi-cloud data access provider SMEStorage ( has released the fourth beta of a Mac Cloud Drive thath enables up to 10 commercial storage providers to be accessed directly from a virtual drive in Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6.

The drive brings cloud computing directly into the Mac OS with over 10 cloud storage vendors supported, including Amazon S3, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive and RackSpace Cloud Files.

“We have completely re-written huge parts of the drive in this beta to deal with the nuances of Mac Finder,” says SME Storage CEO Ian Osborne. “The result is a huge step forward in our goal of having a robust multi-cloud drive for the Mac OSX. The drive now supports the encryption features of our gateway which can overlay any cloud, as well as giving the ability to generate a URL directly from the desktop.”

The next beta will continue the hardening of the offering and will incorporate sync-to-desktop above all the clouds we support, he adds. Just remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.