Nolobe Software ( has updated Interarchy, the file transfer tool for Mac OS X, to version 10. Among the new features is a plug-in architecture.

Users can now develop their own plug-ins and execute commands directly on remote servers. Actions such as compressing files, archiving folders and running scripts can now be performed with a simple mouse click.

Interarchy 10’s new plug-in architecture is built on top of iFTP, a new file transfer protocol exclusive to Interarchy. Built on top of SSH, iFTP is fast, powerful and secure, easily outperforming traditional protocols such as FTP and SFTP, according to the folks at Nolobe Software.

Other new features include support for Google Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files, Cover Flow and Quick Look for previewing remote files, speed improvements, Net Disks, and a refined user interface. A demo of Interarchy 10 is available for download. It costs US$49.95 for a single-user license.