Tripp Lite (, a manufacturer of power protection equipment, has announced that its latest version of PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent (PANSA) is now fully compatible with Mac OS X.

PANSA enables networked computers not directly connected to a UPS System to shut down automatically when a power problem is detected. The software monitors an SNMP-capable device connected to the UPS, and is configurable to respond to specific power event.

PANSA provides automatic shutdown for a computer that’s receiving battery backup protection from a Tripp Lite UPS system, but is unable to connect directly to the UPS system via USB or serial cabling. It’s able to “listen” to an SNMP-capable device on the local network that is directly connected to the UPS system, allowing you to configure your computer to shut down when specific power events are detected. PANSA doesn’t require the Java Runtime Environment, so it’s useful for users who cannot install Java because of computer resource limitations or IT department restrictions.

PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent can monitor several types of SNMP-capable Tripp Lite devices, including UPS systems with an SNMPWEBCARD, UPS systems that appear on the network via PowerAlert Local and network-enabled PDUs.