ActiveTrak has released GadgetTrak 3 ( for laptops, the latest version of its anti-theft software. The latest version introduces new functionality that allows people to track multiple computing devices at the same time — including laptops, netbooks and desktop computers — through a centralized web control panel that can be viewed from any Internet accessible device.

By using onboard Wi-Fi radios found in virtually all computers together with advanced Wi-Fi positioning technology, GadgetTrak pinpoints stolen laptops within 10 meters, according to ActiveTrak CEO Ken Westin. When tracking occurs, a subscriber will get an email with detailed information about a device’s location. This information can also be found on a web control panel at . Using a laptop webcam, GadgetTrak can remotely snap a photo of a thief, providing crucial evidence that police can use to get a laptop back.

The GadgetTrak software supports Mac OS X (10.5 and higher) and Windows (XP, Vista and 7). The cost is US$34.95 per device per year.