The Omniverse case from Uniea ( is a classy, durable case for the Apple tablet. And, at least in this case, class doesn’t come at a price as the case is reasonably priced at US$39.95.

The Omniverse packs pretty much every feature you could want in a streamlined design. It sports an interior memory foam for protection, corner flaps that keep the iPad in place, a stowable tote handle, rugged zippers, and silk or nylon material. According to the folks at Uniea, the memory foam also disperses what little heat the tablet generates.

You can use the iPad while it’s inside the Omniverse; just unzip and flip open the front flap. What’s more, both the nylon and silk fiber versions are water resistant (which, you should note, doesn’t mean they’re waterproof).

You can use the Omniverse as a sleeve or a tote. You can tuck the handle inside the case if you don’t want to use it — although if you’re a klutz like me, you’d better use the handle. The Uniea case is available in three colors: black, red and green.

What’s not to love? Like me, the Omniverse case is rugged and good-lookin’. 🙂

— Dennis Sellers