Luminous Books is a newly formed company that will be delivering “highly curated, rich-media content and periodicals to the tablet computer market. Andrew Cosby — co-creator of Boom Comics and the “Eureka” series on the Syfy Channel — will be one of the first writer/producers to collaborate with the company on original content.  

The company chose to announce the collaboration prior to this year’s Comic-Con convention, because of Cosby’s highly successful work as the co-creator of.

“What Luminous is doing is incredibly exciting and fundamentally different from the other stuff I’ve seen in this category,” he says. “It’s the main reason I decided to work with them. I’m all about breaking new ground, and they’ve developed an imaginative new approach to the medium, one that I’m convinced will allow us to capitalize on the truly transformative nature of these devices.  Using the iPad and similar tablet devices, we will be collaborating on products which will engage parents and kids like never before.  We’re talking about an evolutionary step forward in children’s media, and I’m excited to be part of it.”

Luminous Books, formed this year in Los Angeles by Geoffrey Selzer, Pam Kerwin and Seth Jacobson, has laid out a mission to “transform the reading experience.” The company will initially develop products that will focus on the youth market of 8-12 year olds.  

With the success of the iPad, there now exists an untapped market for inspired children’s media rich content, says Cosby. As part of his engagement with the company, he will join the Luminous Advisory Board to help form the strategic path of the company’s future.