Apple has been named a finalist as “Tech Brand of the Year” and “Retailer of the Year” by “T3 Magazine” ( in its annual Gadget Awards. The company also racked up several other nominations.

About Apple, “T3” had this to say: “Originally known for its sleek, Jonathan Ive-designed Mac computers, Apple has shamed the collective mobile industry with its sudden iPhone dominance, and the launch of the iPad has seen a whole new front open.

“As every other manufacturer scrambles to launch a tablet PC too, Apple has shown just how visionary it’s design and marketing departments still are.

“The closed Apple app ecosystem has a Marmite flavour to it, but the simplicity of use has seen millions flock to it, and created brand power that all others must be studying with interest. With the iPhone 4 launch interest already reaching near hysteria, it’s certain that Apple will continue to be one of the top brands of the year.”

The Gadget Awards also see the following Apple products nominated:

The iPad WiFi + 3G is nominated for Innovation of the Year and Commuter Gadget of the Year.

The iPhone 3GS and iPod nano are also nominated for Commuter Gadget of the Year.

The iPhone 3GS is nominated for Phone of the Year.

The MacBook Pro, the 21.5-inch iMac and the iPad 3G are nominated for Computer of the Year.

The iPad touch 64GB is nominated for Music Gadget of the Year and Gaming Gadget of the Year.

The iPad 3G and iPhone 3GS are nominated for Gadget of the Year.

The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, MacBook Pro and iPad 3G are nominated as Work Gadget of the Year.