By ‘Doctor Dave’ Greenbaum

Hard Candy seem to always be first to market lately with protective cases for Apple’s latest accessories. First impressions mean a lot and Hard Candy doesn’t disappoint. Their Bubble Sleeve ( is the case I currently rely on for my iPad when I want to make sure it’s gong to arrive at my destination intact.

This case adds quite a bit of bulk to your iPad. Other sleeves can be compared to a sports car:  svelte, stylish and fragile. The Bubble Sleeve is the mini-van of iPad cases and focuses on protection rather than style or size.  It’s the sleeve you’d carry your children to soccer practice in.  Don’t we all think of our iPads as a member of the family?  

Color options include black, gold, and pink. Externally, the Bubble Sleeve looks like bubble wrap.  Round half globes give it an industrial look and provide the first level of protection for your precious tablet. Inside, your iPad is cushioned with a firewall of soft foam rectangles. The sides of the Bubble Sleeve are reinforced with felt struts to provide additional protection on the endpoints. The back of the iPad is cushioned in a flat layer of foam protection combined with bright red shock absorbing rubber bumpers to hold your iPad in place.

Overall, I found the Bubble Sleeve a bit bulky for everyday trips to the coffee shop. When traveling the protection was outstanding. I felt very comfortable that putting my Bubble Sleeve in my carry on or laptop bag would ensure my iPad arrived along with me intact and unscathed.  Neoprene sleeves simply don’t provide enough shock absorption for the bumps and drops the average traveller encounters.

I’ve also used the Bubble Sleeve when carrying my iPad on my bicycle and recommend the Bubble Sleeve to students who ride to class. Those bubbles will protect your iPad from getting crushed by those heavy textbooks in your backpack.

Pros: Excellent protection and quality
Cons: May be a bit bulky for everyday use

Rating  9 out of 10