Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

SGN (, which specializes in social mobile gaming, has announced the launch of the first multi-platform mobile game allowing iPhone and Android users to compete live against one another. First launched on iPhone in December 2009, SGN’s hit aerial combat game “Skies of Glory” is now available on Android-based mobile phones above 2.0, including the EVO, Nexus and Droid. Android-toting gamers can not only join the action, but can play against their iPhone-carrying friends.

In multiplayer game mode, an Android-based player can spot, engage and shoot down an iOS-based player. “Skies of Glory” for Android was developed in collaboration with Revo Solutions Games, SGN’s development partner on the original iPhone game.

Paragon Software Group, a software developer for mobile devices and desktop computers, and Encyclopaedia Britannica, an educational publisher, has published Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 2.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new, US$19.99 concise version of the encyclopedia includes the latest content, nearly 2,000 new maps and images, categorization of search results, new search options, and new interface features.

Master of Alchemy HD has been released for the iPad. It’s an US$4.99 puzzle game based on the manipulation of solid, liquid and gaseous elements. The game’s dynamic mechanics enable puzzle challenges and solutions where you must transform elements using alchemy tools to make stunning discoveries.

Icanology has announced MathGirl Number Garden 1.0, a $1.99 math game compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Designed just for girls, it “combines cute, fresh graphics and the engagement of gaming with a visual, right-brain approach to numbers.” Four-year-olds can tackle three of the 12 levels.

Intuitive Fractal Art has introduced Path of the Soul — Destiny Cards 1.0 for iOS, a free app “enabling anyone to answer life’s questions using their own intuition.” It’s based on the Path of the Soul — Destiny Cards deck created by fractal artist Cheryl Lee Harnish.

eBay has rolled out its free eBay Fashion app for the iPhone, delivering a personalized shopping experience where shoppers can browse, buy — and virtually “try on” — items from an online selection of new, designer, branded and vintage merchandise.

Bartels Media has announced MaxiVista 4.0, an update of the $9.99, multi-monitor App that can turn an iPad into an additional monitor for Windows computers. It transmits the expanded virtual desktop, digitally and without loss of quality, over a normal wireless LAN network connection to the iPad. Swapping between portrait and landscape can be done by turning the iPad.

Silicon Studios has released Assistance 2.0, an update to their first aid app for iOS4. It lets users access first aid procedures using an interactive assistant and integrates visual descriptions allowing a rapid and direct identification of the emergency situation. Assistance uses the device GPS to provide a quick direct phone connection to local emergency numbers and also integrates feeds from WHO. Version 2.0 adds navigation and content improvements and is iAd supported.

Affle has introduced Pinch 1.1.2 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s a $0.99 app that blends iMessenger, iContacts and iLocation Sense features. Users can now text each other for free, send sporting animations, pictures, status updates and locations and always stay connected with friends across social networks.

Hobbyist Software has unveiled VLC Remote 5.0, an update of their $2.99 app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It provides a complete remote control for the i VLC media player. VLC remote allows users to browse their full media collection on their computer or network drives, select and play movies, shows or music. Version 5.0 adds multitasking support for iOS4 and new graphics that take advantage of the new Retina display on the iPhone 4.

The TasteTimer series of apps now require a minimum OS of iOS 4. Version 2 of the TasteTimer series take advantage of a new feature in iOS 4 called Local Notifications. The user will now hear and see an alert when the timer has finished, even if TasteTimer is no longer running. This was not possible with earlier versions of the iPhone OS.

TasteTimer Prime 2, with over 800 recipes, is now available for $2.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. TasteTimer Tea, TasteTimer Coffee, TasteTimer Eggs, and TasteTimer Grill are available for 99¢ in the U.S. iOS 4 is required.