e-Node has announced CalendarSet 3.6 (http://www.e-node.net/cs), an update of the tool for implementing calendars on 4th Dimension forms. The new versioin fixes various bugs, simplifies the license system and brings an overall better stability. 

Version 3.5 licenses can be upgraded to 3.6 for free (except original equipment licenses subscribed with a third party). Contact e-Node with a valid proof of purchase if your license was purchased from a third party. 

CalendarSet 3.6 requires 4D 2004 or higher, including 4D 11 SQL. Only one registration key is required. The key is either linked to the 4D or4D Server serial number, or to the name of the company/developer. 

Like all e-Node plug-ins, CalendarSet offers six different license types. There are no such things as MacOS vs Windows or Development vs Deployment.