Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called Blu-ray’s licensing system a “bag of hurt” and there’s no hint that Blu-ray playback support will appear any time soon — if at all — on Macs. However, the Blu-ray Association (of which Apple is, ironically, a member) doesn’t think the format is in danger of extinction due to online video downloads.

“According to market analysis Blu-ray Disc has a rate of adoption that is very similar to that of the DVD at the same seniority (18 million U.S. homes with Blu-ray in Q4 ’10, the same numbers of penetration of DVD to Q1 of the fifth year on the market of that size, Adams Media Research),” Andy Parons, chairmain of the Blu-ray Disk Association told the “setteB.IT” web site ( “We agree that the Internet will increase its importance to both stream that content to be scarce, but we do believe that physical media like Blu-ray Disc will continue to dominate for many years because of usability, high durability, and, certainly, the ability to deliver high definition experience and quality available anywhere. “