Eltima Software (http://www.eltima.com) has released Elmedia Player, a new media player for the Mac, which can play all most popular Flash and video formats and allows downloading online videos and their external resources directly to the hard drive.

The free version of Elmedia Player allows playing such formats as XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real Media), SWF, EXE and FLV (Flash), AVI, MOV, MPEG and more. It can play local movies and videos or online ones via a built-in web browser.

Elmedia Player also provides its users with organization and management: media library inspired by iTunes, usual and smart playlists creation, volume adjustment in the application (not interfering with system volume, which is unique for Flash files) and more.

There’s also an US$19.95 pro version that unlocks such possibilities as: downloading online videos and movies with their external resources directly to the hard drive; watching movies in full screen; and placing player’s window on top of all applications (an “always on top” option). It’s also possible to make screenshots of the favorite moments of played movie or even converting the whole movie into the series of screenshots.

A for downloading online videos to the hard drive, this feature has been really expanded in the new version of the software. Just go to the website you want to download a movie from (there’s no need to leave the application as Elmedia player features built-in web browser) and choose a movie to download. Elmedia will find all external resources that movie may be using and will offer to download them too. You can later use them separately, even if it’s some image or MP3 sound.

Eltima Software also offers discounted upgrade to Elmedia Player Prp to the registered users of previous versions of SWF and FLV Player Pro. The upgrade discount is 50% off the initial price of Elmedia Player Pro.