Red Lightning Software ( has released Shot Logger Pro, an on-set logging application for professional and amateur filmmakers and videographers. The US$299 app is designed to help you annotate and organize all shots during Final Cut Pro editing sessions.

When using Shot Logger Pro on location, a place holder clip is created at the same time the video clip is being recorded. When the clip is finished recording, annotate each shot with accurate notes, ratings, shot type, scene, and take numbers. Once all the clips have been shot, the filmmaker can instantly Batch Connect all the annotated place holder clips with their corresponding video clips and export all the clips and their logging information to Final Cut Pro. In Final Cut Pro, all your shots will be logged and organized in the shot bin, ready to edit.

Shot Logger Pro offers the ability to add Real Time Markers that allow the filmmaker to mark important spots in each video clip as they happen in real time. Ten user named markers are available.

The filmmaker can create as many custom sets of Real Time Markers as needed to suit different production styles. In addition to marking spots of interest, the markers can be used to set the media in and out points for each clip, allowing the filmmaker to pre-trim each clip, further optimizing the editing workflow. Pre-trimmed clips can be assembled in Final Cut Pro to allow the filmmaker to view an instant rough edit of the scene that was just shot.

The user will be able to watch each clip and add or remove Real Time Markers, set the media in and out points ( pre-trim the clip ), and edit all the logging information at any time. The take number for each clip will be automatically indexed if the name of the clip hasn’t been changed.

Shot Logger Pro can also log “wild” footage, run and gun footage that has been shot without being logged. Multi-license discounts are available. Shot Loggers requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.