Aqua Connect (, provider of an enterprise grade Mac terminal server, and 10ZiG Technology (, which specializes in the development of thin clients and network appliances, have collaborated with Campbell Union School District in San Jose, California, to create new energy efficient Mac terminal services thin client labs.

Campbell Union School District’s goal was to deliver green desktops for the Mac platform. To accomplish this, a central lab was implemented in the library for students to use throughout the day. The lab consisted of 10ZiG RBT thin clients that were deployed Mac OS X desktops through the Aqua Connect Terminal Server.

Previously, the students had been using legacy Macs in the library that had been in production for years. The student reaction to the new thin clients was so positive that the school district decided to put additional 10ZiG clients with Aqua Connect Terminal Server across the school in various classrooms.

“This new lab has been fantastic for reducing energy usage especially when we’re talking about replacing computers that are 8-10 years old and definitely energy hogs,” says Derek Moore, IT Manager, Campbell Union School District. “The student reaction has been positive. The students are very technically savvy and have been able to use the platform seamlessly as if they were sitting at a Mac. Compared to the other labs which are eMac labs they are definitely more excited to use a thin client solution opposed to using the older computers.”

The wide range of compatibility with educational software with the Aqua Connect Terminal Server, along with the compact size of the energy efficient RBT line of 10ZiG thin clients, made this the ideal solution in the school district, he says. The complete thin client solution with terminal server licenses was cheaper than traditional desktop deployments by 60%.