Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Kobo, a global eReading service, has released its new iPhone app, built specifically for the iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 operating system. The free app features additional reading format options, automatic syncing, multiple bookmarking and faster navigation. In addition to the iPhone, Kobo is available on iPad, Android, BlackBerry, netbooks, tablets and dedicated eReaders — including the Kobo eReader. All of Kobo’s applications connect to the Kobo eBook store, which features more than two million titles including best sellers, classics, and thousands of free books., an interactive nationwide company dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the consumer recycling experience, has launched My Recycle List, a free iPhone tool designed to help anyone anywhere participate in the recycling of items they would otherwise throw away.

Aji has released iRead PDF, a free PDF reader that offers annotation viewing on the iPad, entirely free. Based on iAnnotate, the developer’s PDF annotation tool, iRead is a full-featured PDF reader that supports tabbed reading, bookmarking, comprehensive library search for PDF’s. In addition, iRead provides support for viewing notes, highlights, underlines, or drawings added to documents using iAnnotate or other standard annotation tools like Adobe Reader or Preview.

Future Help Designs is offering Pop!Pop!Pop! Pop!Pop!Pop!, an US$0.99 game version of Pop!Pop!Pop! Lite, where players pop and snap through custom skinned plastic bubble sheets. In the game version, sheet completion is timed as players compete for high score or lowest time. Pop!Pop!Pop! can be played on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Ooma has announced the $0.99 Ooma Mobile app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s designed to offer Ooma customers the ability to save money on their mobile calling plans. Calls using the Ooma Mobile app start at 1.9 cents per minute for U.S. calls or applicable rates for international calls. Ooma Premier Customers using the Ooma Mobile app receive 250 minutes of U.S. calling for free every month. For a limited time promotion, Ooma Premier Customers who also subscribe to Ooma’s International plan will get 750 minutes of free calling in the U.S. and to 70 other countries. Use of the Ooma Mobile app requires an Ooma account.

Diethard Seiferth has debuted AroundCal 1.0, a $3.99 task and time management app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s built around the iPhone calendar events and adds attributes like priority, in progress/completed status, project and voice memo to your iPhone calendar events and is always in sync with the iPhone Calendar app.

Conscious Analytics has introduced More than Time Log 1.0, a $4.99 time tracking application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It records not only users’ use of time, but also their energy level information. By comparing these two metrics, users can decide how to rearrange their activities during the day. More than Time Log features a time log with tags, favorite list, notes and more.

The Assessment and Development Group International has unveiled Coach 1.0, a $9.99 app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It provides a “fine-tuning layer of insight that can help any coach using any model or process build stronger, more productive coaching relationships.”

Demansol has rolled out Warship: Flight Deck Jam 1.0,a $0.99 game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The objective of this game is to maneuver your jet through the obstacles on the runway of the warship before the time runs out and the ship explodes. The game features two modes and 2,000 unique levels.

Davka Corporation and Redlex have teamed up for Totally Tanach 1.0 for the iPad, a $9.99 study program that includes the complete text of the Hebrew Bible with English translation. It features Hebrew fonts with precise placement of vowels and cantillation marks, and verse-by-verse synchronization between Hebrew, English, and Rashi’s Hebrew commentary.

Kabuki Vision has announced DocsPortal 1.0 for the iPad. The $3.99 app lets you browse, search, and view files stored in a Google Docs account. Files can additionally be e-mailed, imported, and exported from within the app. DocsPortal automatically downloads and stores Google Docs files right on the iPad, so they can be readily accessed even without an Internet connection.

RiseSmart says Transition Concierge To-Go, a mobile application that delivers personalized job leads and other job-search tools to laid-off workers, is now available as an iPhone web app. It’s free to eligible employees of companies who use RiseSmart’s Transition Concierge as their outplacement solution.

Outfit7 has releasedTalking Tom Cat 1.0, a free, interactive 3D application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Talking Tom is a pet cat, who is able to repeat everything a user says into the iPhone or iPod touch with a funny voice. In addition to speech repetition, the application offers animations of Talking Tom which are triggered when a user pokes him in the head or belly, pets him, grabs him by his tail, pours milk for him, etc.

Willagaroon has published an unofficial Ultimate MW2 Multiplayer Guide for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The $3.99 guide includes a 11,000 word guide written by Chris Jensen, author of over 30 books for Prima, Sybex and Brady. The guide includes such topics as Common Class Combos, Cover & Defense, The Circle-Strafe Technique, Medium to Long-Range Aiming, Securing Defensive Cover, Aiming is Over-Rated and more.

The Assessment and Development Group International has introduced Interact 1.0, a $9.99 app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It serves to help managers create management strategies complete with specific tactics tailored to each employee’s motivation, talents, and worldview. The strategy reports for each employee generated in the app include identifying the talents the person seeks to use on the job, the person’s work environment preferences and needs, and the specific management behaviors.

Rodale says the digital edition of the July issue of “Prevention,” designed exclusively for the iPad, is available for purchase today. The issue, featuring Olympic swimmer Dara Torres on the cover, is available for download in the Apple App Store for $2.99, followed by the August issue, featuring Oscar nominee Laura Linney on the cover, on sale Tuesday, July 6.

Lollapalooza (, Slacker, Inc. ( and Seed Labs ( have unveiled the Lollapalooza 2010 iPhone app, which includes Slacker’s Lollapalooza 2010 Radio, a free station offering a wide range of music from the 100+ bands that will take the stage at this year’s event. The application, developed by Seed Labs, is now available in the Apple App Store and features the Lollapalooza 2010 station along with the ability to add artists heard on the station to your personal Lollapalooza event schedule.

Forbes Media has published the “Forbes Investment Guide Plus” for the iPad. The free offers iPad users expanded access to the popular Forbes’ Investment Guides, providing them with “new ideas to help take care of their families financially, think creatively about career options, minimize the cost of investing and taxes, and allocate assets smartly, among other valuable information.”

TextExpander touch, the iOS version of SmileOnMyMac’s customizable typing shortcut tool, is now available as a universal application optimized for the iPad. The newly-released version ($4.99) takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, making it easier to create and edit snippets on the iPad.

Konami Digital Entertainment has unleashed Pro Evolution Soccer for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $6.99 game includes UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League elements.

AvatarLabs newest applications Rhythm Racer 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch and Rhythm Racer 2 HD for iPad are now available from the Apple App Store. The racing games are free.

Primate Labs, developer of the cross-platform Geekbench benchmark, has released Geekbench 2 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $4.99 app features a completely new interface designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, and runs the same benchmarks as Geekbench 2 for other platforms.

Onyx Apps has announced iKeepTime 1.2, an update to their $4.99 rhythm training app aimed at musicians using the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app let’s the user tap along with a metronome at any bps setting. Users get immediate feedback on their tendencies to drag or rush the beat, their overall accuracy in maintaining the beat expressed as a percentage, and their ability to accurately continue the beat when the click of the metronome is silenced.

Erasmos has released Reflexarium (French Noun Gender) 2.20 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who are interested in learning French noun gender rules. The $2.99 app offers a learning experience through the use of French language rules, practice sessions and quizzes. If a user gives an incorrect answer regarding the gender of a given noun, the app speaks aloud saying the word in a male or female voice, depending on the noun’s gender.

Christopher King has unveiled KwikList Plus 1.5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. The $3.99 app allows for unlimited numbers of lists to be created and managed in one place. Themed templates are included in the app and users can set up whatever fields, subtitle fields and prompt fields they want. All elements can be edited, including the addition or removal of text, note, image, contact, date and time fields.

Richard Taylor has introduced OmniSketch 1.2, an update to his $1.99 procedural drawing tool developed specifically for the iPad. It allows you to create full color creations. Version 1.2 adds six new procedural brushes, Facebook and Twitter integration and more.

Sarsoft has unveiled Geotag Photos 2.1, an update to their automatic geotagging application for iPhone devices. The $2.99 app uses the GPS capabilities of the iPhone to record a log of the user’s location at specified time intervals. Sarsoft’s desktop app then uses the uploaded log to match log entries with the time each photo was captured by any DSLR or compact one camera. Version 2.1 supports iPhone OS 4 multitasking, so that it can run on background when the user is using other applications.

Steiner Products has rolled out Slider Dice 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch users. The $0.99 requires a user to “think fast, make decisions on the fly and cross their fingers or wear their lucky socks.” Playing against the computer or an opponent, players roll the dice to determine which slider can be moved.

Mandarin Boy is offering ABC 1.8.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who want an easy way to learn the language correctly. The $1.99 app offers proper pronunciation tutoring by a native Mandarin speaker teaching 900 words. Users are taught through lessons, review and testing. Once the lessons have been completed for one of the three difficulty levels, a user is tested to determine if they’re ready to move on.