Jumsoft (http://www.jumsoft.com) has expanded its Goodies bundle of free products. The company enhanced its Goodies collection with five Sandvox web site designs, nine Numbers templates, and a set of 500 photos and images for Keynote presentations.

All Goodies products are available on Jumsoft’s web site for free. Jumsoft designs for Karelia’s Sandvox application provide users with a simple way to design their Web sites with a broad range of style options. All t

The templates for iWork Numbers were designed for both home and professional users. The collection includes nine spreadsheet templates: Dinner Planner, Grocery List, Invoice, Loan Comparison, Media Advertising Analyzer, Personal Budget, To Do, Trip Planner, and Wedding Planner. Each template includes relevant tables or checklists and illustrates the given information with graphs and charts where applicable.

Finally, Jumsoft is offering 500 photos and still-life images for use with Keynote. Actually, they’re not limited to Apple’s presentation software. They’re also good for print and electronic documents in iWork Pages, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or anywhere photos are required.