TKO Solutions has introduced the US$19.99 Onhand X-Band ( for the Pad. It’s a combo glove and case that lets you display the screen horizontally or vertically using just one hand.

The user pulls each of the leather dog-ears over the four corners of the iPad, and it’s ready to slip one’s hand into. The Onhand X-band (the neoprene strap forms an X) allows the user to hold an iPad with confidence and without fatigue, according to the folks at TKO. The “hands-free” technology lets the user operate the iPad with one hand, while the other hand wears it like a glove.

The first in a series of Onhand gloves for iPad, the X-Band is made with five-ounce chaps leather and 5mm nylon backed neoprene. It attaches to all four corners of the iPad, while the user’s hand is held between the neoprene and the back of the device. The thick 5 mm neoprene provides a scratch free buffer against any surface. The X-Band’s flexible geometry fits with ease over most accessory hard shells and folds up to store in a pocket when not in use.