Speck has introduced several new cases for the iPhone 4 (http://www.speckproducts.com/content/iphone-4). The PixelSkin comes in black, pink and purple for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$24.95.

The CandyShell is available in BatWing Blue, Mooniscle White, India Whoa Blue, PaleMoon Grey and LoveHate Pink for $34.95.

The $29.95 Fitted Case comes in Darkest Tartan Plaid, Dalmatian Houndstooth, Purple SpexyHexy, TartanPlaid White, Purple Argyle, and Brown Cookie Camo. The $29.95 PixelSkin HD is available in black, purple, pink, and blue. And the GeoMetric costs $29.95 and comes in DeathRock Black, ProgRock Purple, and IndieRock Red.