A lawsuit filed earlier this month against Apple and AT&T over the discontinued unlimited-data plan for the iPad 3G has been amended and re-filed to include additional iPad 3G customers, reports the “New York Times” (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/24/class-action-against-apple-and-att-is-amended/?partner=yahoofinance).

The proposed class action lawsuit names three individuals who claim that Apple and AT&T “baited” them into purchasing an iPad 3G with the promises of a flexible unlimited data plan, “only to have that promise reneged upon within weeks of their purchases.” The case,  filed in the United States District Court in San Jose, CA, represents customers from several different states, according to the “Times.”

Last month AT&T said it would eliminate the unlimited data plan for new iPad 3G customers and replace it with data plans offering either 250MB or 2GB per month. Current customers already under the unlimited data plan could keep it. However, if they  decide to skip a month of data they lose the option to return to the unlimited option, notes the “Times.”