InfoLogic has announced MathMagic Pro Editions 6.91 ( for Adobe InDesign, their multi-purpose equation editor for mathematical equations and symbols. MathMagic Pro Editions come with InDesign plug-ins to enable InDesign and QuarkXPress the equation editing capability right inside their documents.

MathMagic Pro 7 adds support for Adobe InDesign CS5 with a new CS5 plug-in. InDesign CS4 and all previous versions of Creative Suites are also supported. The upgrade also supports two layers of background color, improved Hyphen and Dashes, improved equation quality, and other new features and fixes.

MathMagic Pro Edition 7.0 is available now for US$499 ($299 for academic use). A regular plus two-year free upgrade and free tech support is $695 ($399 for academic use). A one month subscription license for $75 ($50 for academic use) is also available.