Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Biometric Intelligence & Identification Technologies ( has announced what it says is the first-of-its kind iPhone-based Mobile and Wireless Multi-Modal Biometric Offender Recognition and Information device and system — or MORIS. It’s being implemented at the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department (MA) and City of Brockton Police Department (MA) in addition to a new facial recognition system that is part of a Statewide Facial Recognition contract award from the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association (MSA).

Nextrials, which specializes in clinical research software and services, has released an iPad version of its clinical trial data management platform, Prism. The application supports mobile access to patient data in clinical trial and healthcare settings. Prism is also usable on the iPhone, and will be available as a free download later this year through the Apple App Store.

Best Buy has unveiled Best Buy Movie Mode, an iPhone/iPod touch compatible app designed to “transform the way moviegoers engage and interact with the films they enjoy.” Available as a free download, Best Buy Movie Mode comes to life via “The Minionator,” created as part of an exclusive collaboration with Universal Pictures and tied to the July 9 release of its feature, “Despicable Me.” The app acts as a translator during the 3-D theatrical end credits for the special language of the Minions. The app will also translate the Minion language throughout the entire movie on Best Buy’s exclusive “Despicable Me” DVD released later this year.

Namco has launched PAC-Match Party for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $1.99 game is a new Pac-Man based game in which Pac-Man chomps into a new Match-3 puzzle game. The title features power-ups, 30 levels and more.

The Tiffen Company has rolled out Photo fx Ultra for the iPad. The $5.99 photo enhancement app sports a Color Correct filter, filter presets and parameter choices, search capability, the ability to share filter effect set-ups with Tiffen’s Dfx Digital Filter and more.

Tatem Games has unleashed Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $4.99 game is developed by the same team who created the popular Carnivores PC franchise. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a 3D hunting game with a variety of modes and features, as well as social networking components. 

The newest version of GoodReader for iPad ($0.99) now delivers horizontal page turning for PDF files to give it a truer book reading experience. The new version also will now rotate PDF files, display two-page spreads, and crop margins for PDF files so they don’t take up any available reading space on the iPad.