Study.Net Corp. ( has confirmed plans to extend the company’s services to the iPad for use during the fall academic term.  These actions reinforce the company’s commitment to enhance education and collaborative learning through the use of technology, says Jay McGoodwin, president and CEO.

“Obviously, the iPad is a potential game changer when it comes to convenience and ease-of-use,” he says. “More importantly, the iPad has prompted traditional publishers to expand content delivery strategies and make it increasingly possible for students to access and manage all of their course materials online.”  

Study.Net’s service is used by instructors to assemble course content from multiple sources for direct online delivery.  Students will be able to use an iPad to purchase, view, and save course materials delivered by Study.Net. The company will also introduce capabilities to annotate documents for personal use and facilitate increased collaboration.

Nearly 10,000 instructors from more than 800 universities and colleges worldwide have registered to use Study.Net’s services.  The company maintains offices in the US and Europe.