Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Nibi Software Group, a provider of next-generation collaborative learning solutions, has released an US $1.99 iPad and iPhone application, offering access to 200 authoritative YouTube channels on a wide variety of educational topics that are each linked to relevant Wikipedia entries on the same or related topics.

ChovanART has announced a new iPhone app, Whatizit? It’s described as a family game that “game stimulates the brain while eliciting laughs as contestants ponder a sketch and attempt to guess its name in one or two words.” The $0.99 full version consists of 25 pictures giving you a possible 100 points for a perfect score.

Accessing working capital, business loans, and equipment financing on the go is now possible thanks to a new, free iPhone application from Direct Capital, a leading provider of financial services for businesses. The app, called iLease, empowers businesses with access to all their financing needs directly through a smartphone interface.

Whagaa Software and Total Immersion Swimming (TI) have taken the TI Swimming Method mobile with the release of Total Immersion Swimming, a series of dynamic instructional mobile videos delivered by TI founder, Terry Laughlin, on your iPhone or iPod touch. They’re $0.99 each.

Feelsocial has introduced My Tarot Cards HD 1.0 for the iPad. It’s a $0.99 HD Tarot deck with a speed reading feature.

The Grabarchuk Family and FreeAppADay have unveiled iCut 1.0, an original puzzle app for iPhone and iPod touch users. The free game includes three modes: Basic, Shift, and Domino.

Zinkit is offering TCoder 1.0, a $3.99 iPhone/iPod touch app. It’s a logging tool for journalists tjat enables reporters to take notes during press conferences, speeches, etc. — and synchronized with their recorder, minidisc or TV camera. The notes will automatically include the right time code, and so they will be synchronized with the recording device.

Mythical Mango has unleashed Out of Pocket 1.0, their $3.99 expense tracker app for the iPhone. Designed to simplify entry and management of business expenses, it features photo-capture of receipts and two-way syncing with the FreeAgent online accounting application. Mileage and recurring expenses are supported. All records are fully searchable and data may be exported in CSV or HTML files.

TrafficZag has debuted CommuteX for the iPhone. The free app offers DC and Baltimore area’s 350,000 iPhone users the ability to anonymously track and evaluate their individual commute, by scoring and identifying the best departure times and routes.

Enclave Studios is presenting QuoteDeck 2.5 for iPhone and iPod touch, available free in the Apple App Store until May 31. It contains 30,000 quotes by a variety of famous people.