The Support Group ( has announced an online resource for everything FileMaker — news, discussions, downloads, just for fun, tips & tricks, and videos. Get ( Answers ) is a new feature added to FileMaker: Explore, the Support Group’s free blog.

User questions, comments, and suggested discussion topics are all encouraged. A complement to FileMaker’s own Knowledge Base and Forum, FileMaker: Explore aims to be more informal, personal, immediate, whimsical, idiosyncratic, flexible, and entertaining, according to Chad Novotny, principal and vice president of The Support Group. Lengthy technical articles will be side by side with personal reflections and simple tips.

“This new focus, Get ( Answers ), provides much more interaction with our audience and allows us to address a wider range of FileMaker topics to ensure they are timely and even more relevant to our visitors,” he adds.

FileMaker: Explore, which has been visited by thousands of FileMaker users and developers is more than a blog. It contains a wealth of information and resources for FileMaker enthusiasts at all levels. For example, a short post might explain how to create a watermark in a report or how Quick Find works. A longer entry might be a two thousand word article on creating calendars with FileMaker 11’s filtered portals. And most importantly, nearly every technical tip or article includes a free downloadable file, fully unlocked with sample code. The value of these articles is enhanced by the inclusion of both detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions.