NinjaGrips ( has released high-traction rubber grips for the iPad. Available in five introductory designs they’re designed to allow for easier manipulation and handling of the iPad.

The adhesive-backed grips are crafted from recycled materials and make it easier to set your iPad down on hard surfaces without scratches. NinjaGrips are a great option for those who want to retain the aesthetic lines of the iPad without adding a case, according to the ninjas at NinjaGrips. Due to the thinness of the NinjaGrip material these grips are also compatible with many iPad cases.

NinjaGrips are available for US$15 and will begin shipping the first week of May. The five introductory designs include a ninja-inspired “Shuriken” (pictured), the simplistic “Clean” and “Clean Cut,” the classic “Tokyo Sunrise” and the new-age tech “Industrial.” All designs also include small corner edge strips that allow for additional grip and protection.