Koingo Software (http://www.koingosw.com) has released MacPilot 4 and Librarian Pro 2 for Mac OS X. Upgrades are free for owners of the Utility Package or buyers within the past six months. For all others, the upgrade option is $$9.95.

Sporting numerous user interface enhancements and 91 new features, the main highlight of MacPilot 4 is the ability to create save points. You can now ssave the system state and restore later with only a few clicks.

Librarian Pro has gone from a personal home inventory solution to an advanced tool for any rental business, according to the folks at Koingo Software. Version 2.0 has a new borrowing system, the ability to track late fees, a borrowing history, and the ability to manage multiple copies of the same item. Coming soon in a free update for 2.0 users will be a completely revamped product gallery view mode where items appear on a bookshelf.