Flash Networks (http://www.flashnetworks.com), a provider of mobile Internet solutions, has enhancements to its Harmony Web & Media Optimization solution to support HTML5, the standard used by iPad for the delivery of rich media content.

The enhanced Harmony solution optimizes video delivered via the HTML5 framework to provide smoother and faster mobile browsing for iPad users while performing data reduction to enable operators to cost-effectively manage the huge increase in data traffic, according to Merav Bahat, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Flash Networks.
HTML5, an open framework designed to handle video and rich media delivery, is supported by YouTube and Vimeo, two of the largest video sharing sites, and is expected to be adopted by most video content providers in the near future, he says. HTML5 is also supported by all of the latest iPhone OS devices, including the iPad and iPhone, which accounts for over 60% of mobile Web traffic generated by smart phone platforms, according to Market Share.
The Harmony Web & Media Optimization client-less solution enables operators to optimize video traffic based on various parameters, including date and time, network congestion, and subscriber information. Contact Flash Networks for pricing options.