Napatech ( has announced what it says is the world’s first 2×10 Gbps Intelligent Real-time Network Analysis adapters based on PCI-Express Gen 2 with the introduction of the NT20E2 Capture adapter and NT20E2 In-line adapter products.

The NT20E2 In-line is designed for applications that require both capture and transmit in real-time, such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Policy Enforcement applications operating at 10 Gbps line-speed. This is complemented by the NT20E2 Capture adapter, which provides full 20 Gbps packet capture throughput over the PCI-Express Gen 2 bus.
The NT20E2 Capture and In-line adapters provide a list of features for pre-processing, off-loading and accelerating network appliance performance. Both products are based on a low-profile form factor with SFP+ modules and PCI-Express Gen 2. Contact Napatech for pricing.