Best Buy has set a target to collect one billion pounds of old or obsolete electronics and appliances for recycling.

Starting April 22, the company is asking consumers nationwide to pledge online to “Recycle It On,” encouraging increased use of its comprehensive, convenient recycling and trade-in programs. The one billion pound goal is a significant increase over current levels and is intended to help increase responsible consumer action and capture a greater share of the current electronics waste stream, says Paula Prahl, senior vice president, communications, public affairs, and corporate responsibility, Best Buy.

She says the company’s recycling programs collected 120 million pounds of electronic goods in 2009 from U.S. consumers, including 60 million pounds of electronics and 60 million pounds of appliances. The company anticipates meeting the new goal in several years. Starting Earth Day, April 22, consumers can take the pledge to recycle, and encourage others to do the same.

The more than one million Facebook fans of Best Buy will be invited to take the Recycle It On pledge, an easy way to commit to recycling their own old electronics, with features to pass along to friends and encourage the same. The application will feature a U.S. map, tracking the various types of items pledged state by state, as well as local store details to help users find their nearest Best Buy store to drop off items. The application goes live April 22 at .

Best Buy offers a variety of programs to help consumers recycle, reuse, or trade in products – all of which are detailed at .