URC (http://www.UniversalRemote.com) — which specializes in remote control technology, has announced that its Network Series keypads and remote controls all fully automate AV systems connected to a Mac, PC or Apple TV via conventional wires, or wirelessly via Apple’s AirPort Express.

Touch one colorful icon on the screen of a URC network remote control to automatically activate the TV, start the audio system, and select the correct settings and inputs, so that you can see the video or listen to the music without any technical knowledge of how the AV system operates. URC remotes display color screens that let you browse, select and play anything on iTunes, even though the PC, Mac or Apple TV may be in a completely different room.

URC’s Network Series of 2-way controllers — the MX-6000 Touch Screen, the MX-5000 Touch Screen Remote and the KP-4000 In-Wall Touch Screen Keypad Controller — provide the user access and control of streamed iTunes content, as well as control over an entire house’s electronics, room lighting, thermostats and much more. URC systems must be professionally installed, and are available only through authorized URC dealers.