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Niles Technology launches Mobile Writing Lab

Niles Technology Group, creator of the Achievers Writing Center essay writing apps, has launched its Mobile Writing Project app series ( Targeted at schools and educational organizations, the Mobile Writing Project funds the development of mobile writing labs in schools.

iPods, iPads, and essay writing apps are donated to eligible schools to help develop new ways for students to learn the all important skill of writing well, says Michael Niles, the company’s president. Every three months, 15% of the revenue from the sale of Mobile Writing Project apps goes toward the purchase of iPods and iPads. These devices are then donated to a secondary school, college, or an education-focused non-profit organization.

In addition to the hardware, a select set of Achievers Writing Center essay writing apps are pre-installed on the devices, ready for use. The devices and the software essentially give schools a turnkey solution to create mobile writing labs, Niles says.

The first Mobile Writing Project beneficiary is Kids Are Heroes, a non-profit that motivates kids to do great things. Founded by 11 year-old MaryMargaret O’Neill and her father Gabe, Kids Are Heroes inspires kids to get involved and to be helpful to their neighbors, peers, and communities as a whole. NTG is donating the iPods and iPads to Kids Are Heroes, which in turn is giving them to schools with which it is associated.

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