Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

CBS is offering programming from across its leading content properties for the iPad. Consumers will be able to watch streaming video content from hit CBS television shows and technology content from; they can also download iPad applications from Simon & Schuster, and a customized audio application from CBS Radio. 

Blue Mango Learning Systems (, the creators of ScreenSteps, have launched an iPad visual knowledge base for iPad users. The knowledge base contains visual, step-by-step guides for Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iBooks, Mail and Safari.

Citysearch, an online local guide and operating business of IAC, has announced its new application for the iPad, cityseries. The free app allows users to find the best restaurants, bars, shopping, spas and more in top metros, based on the acclaimed advice of Citysearch editors and expert users across the United States. The new app features Citysearch’s top lists, great picks complete with business profile information, and local deals in a new innovative digital magazine format that allows users to review recommendations and discover new businesses.

A version of PASCO’s science learning software, SPARKvue, is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. The free data collection and analysis software creates an environment for real-time measurement, data visualization and analysis that students can use wherever they go, inside or outside the classroom.

Pantone has produced the free myPantoneTM X-Ref iPhone app and web tool that let graphic, digital, multimedia, Fashion, interior and industrial designers cross-reference all Pantone Color Libraries — from the Pantone Matching System and Pantone Goe to Pantone Fashion + Home.

E-Trade Financial Corp. has unveiled the E-Trade Mobile Pro app for the iPad. The free app provides on-the-go access to customers’ brokerage and bank accounts, real-time market news and information, and the ability to trade stocks.

ZAGG has shipped PhotoPad, a free photo-editing app designed specifically for the iPad. PhotoPad features drawing and adjustment tools such as cropping, color swapping, threshold levels, contrast, and saturation.

Parkmobile, a global provider of seamlessly integrated end-to-end parking solutions, has rolled out its free iPhone/iPod touch app. It lets users start and stop their parking transaction via mobile application.

Yianni-software has introduced Chance! 1.0 for the iPad. What the $1.99 app has over Checkers is that more than one playing piece can occupy a tile. Partly broken playing tiles break as a player passes over them. Unlike the traditional game of Ludo, players can take a risk and land on chance tiles which can yield either good or bad outcomes, including the ability to smash or repair tiles.

The Rackspace Cloud, the cloud computing division of Rackspace Hosting, has produced Rackspace Cloud Pro, a free iPad app that enables developers to monitor and manage their Rackspace Cloud Servers. With Cloud Pro, users can turn on backups for a server, create new servers from backups, manage back-up scheduling, re-boot, rename, resize and delete servers — all using the iPad’s touchscreen interface.

Pixelglow Software has launched Instaviz 1.6, the next version of $9.99 diagram sketching software for the iPhone and iPod touch — now specially redesigned for the iPad. Instaviz turns roughly sketched shapes and lines into laid-out diagrams. Users can sketch on the larger, 10-inch display of the iPad and edit their settings with the new popover controls — working their ideas into mindmaps, flowcharts and other diagrams.

App4mac has released SecretBox for iPhone and iPad. It’s a $4.99 app that allows you to manage credit card details, SSN numbers, software licenses, e-mail account details, product registration codes and serial numbers. All are stored in SecretBox’s flexible database.

The team of Ivan Karpan and Evgeniy Lebed have introduced GlobeConvert Pro 1.0, an international currency and units converter for the iPad based on their free iPhone app of the same name. The $0.99 iPad version features 11 different categories: area, currency, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume and weight. The currency converter contains 190+ different currencies, and updates monetary exchange rates minute to minute.

Vegetarian Scanner 1.0 for the iPhone has sprouted from Mello Apps. The $2.99 app takes a photo of the ingredients label of a food product and determines the vegetarian status of any food additives contained in the product. Users also have the option of searching through a database of food additives on the iPhone instead of using the iPhone camera. This is done entirely on the iPhone and no network connection is required for any of the features in Vegetarian Scanner.

HomePipe Networks has announced official support for the AirSharing Pro and OneDisk iPhone and iPod touch applications. This enables existing OneDisk and AirSharing Pro customers to use these apps to access all their home content without limits from their iPhone or iPod touch devices anywhere, anytime.

Krawle has debuted iDeskera CRM for the iPhone. With it CRM, mobile users now have anytime, anywhere access to data managed by the web-based Deskera Customer Relationship Management (Deskera CRM) app. iDeskera CRM’s interface, featuring tap and drag-and-drop functionality, lets sales reps customize, report, view and update information for their customers, partners and more. iDeskera CRM is available as part of the on-demand Deskera suite with pricing options designed to support the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. Companies can subscribe at with options for the entire web-based Deskera Suite ranging from US$49.95 per month for five users up to $999.95 per month for a premium subscription with customization services and support for 100 users. There are no downloads or set-up fees.

Babylog Inc., a company that manages the Babylog service for recording the growth of your children, has begun offering Babylog 2010, an iPhone app that can automatically synchronize the photos you take to the Calendar and Maps apps. To commemorate the app’s release, the first 1,000 downloads will be available for $1.99. After that, the standard sales price will be $2.99.

Zuujit has upgraded its eBay mobile selling app for the iPhone. The free tool provides a single application for selling items on eBay using the auction, fixed price, or classified formats. And it supports listing and auctions in some categories of eBay Motors.

A free Questionmark app has been released for the iPhone. It shows how the mobile assessment delivery capabilities in Questionmark Perception 5 can help organizations reach learners using an iPhone or iPod touch. It demonstrates how such an app, pointed toward a Perception server, can utilize Perception’s auto-sensing and auto-sizing capabilities to deliver a single assessment to many different types of devices: The system auto-senses each device and its browser, then the content auto-sizes to ensure assessments appear in the right format.

Stone Design has announced Twittelator for iPad 1.0.1, an evolution of its $4.99 Twitter client. Its user interface allows you to always keep your friends’ tweets in view while you explore the rest of what Twitter has to offer.