There was good news for Apple today with new research from price comparison site Kelkoo UK stating that 40 per cent of consumers are ready to ditch their laptops for a tablet PC like the iPad, reports “V3″ (”).

When it comes to the iPad, 23% felt its functionality was too limited at the moment, while 32% said they didn’t see the need for one at all. However, Bruce Fair, managing director of Kelkoo UK,says the iPad could do for the tablet market what the iPhone did for the smartphone market and pave the way for a host of imitators.

“When it comes to transforming the fortunes of niche markets, Apple undoubtedly has the ‘Midas touch’,” he told “V3.” “The iPad is a hybrid of Apple’s best loved products all under one roof, which is good for consumers as it could lead to significant cost savings. Like netbooks, the iPad provides the basic functions offered by a laptop at a margin of the cost — which in the current economic climate is bound to have mass market appeal.”