Fabrix (http://www.fabrixcases.com) has introduced its new Magic Sleeve for the the iPad. It’s an US$32.90, slot-in styled case built to the dimensions of the Apple device.

The Magic Sleeve is constructed of lightweight materials and is designed to add little weight to the iPad. Each Fabrix Magic Sleeve is also lined with soft cushioned paddings for [rotection against scratches and light bumps. In addition, it features a new inner “pillow flap” design that secures the iPad in position while inserted into the sleeve, preventing the iPad from accidentally
slipping out of the sleeve.

All of the above is achieved without the use of any metal zippers or even velcro strips, making this sleeve “Checkpoint Friendly” at airports, according to the folks at Fabrix. The Fabrix Magic Sleeve is available in a variety of color and design options.