One Software (http:/ has announced the immediate availability of two fully-functional Photoshop plug-ins: PhotoTools 2.5 Free and the new PhotoFrame 4.5 Free.

The free plug-ins for Photoshop are based on the versions of PhotoTools 2.5 Standard Edition and PhotoFrame 4.5 Standard Edition and are compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4.
The free versions provide photographers with select content from the Standard Editions of each product, while maintaining the full functionality, unlike the traditional restrictions of 30-day timed trials or watermarked images, according to Craig Keudell, president of onOne Software.

Based on the same feature set as PhotoTools 2.5 Standard Edition, PhotoTools 2.5 Free includes 15 of the most popular effects found in PhotoTools 2.5 Standard Edition. PhotoTools offers action-based effects that can improve images and let you find, experiment, combine, apply and fine tune effects. The 15 effects available in PhotoTools 2.5 Free range from reproducing classic photographic effects like Bleach Bypass and Cross Process, to reproducing film stock such as Kodachrome and Velvia, to modern effects including automatic skin smoothing.

Based on the same feature set as PhotoFrame 4.5 Standard Edition, PhotoFrame 4.5 Free lets you add finishing touch to images, with 20 professional grade edges, backgrounds, textures and adornments. It also offers a way to browse, preview and add effects like frames, backgrounds and adornments to images, with the ability to stack multiple elements and control opacity, size and color.