Eltima Software has released Folx 1.0 (http://mac.eltima.com/download-manager.html), a free download manager for Mac OS X. It can download not only common files, but also torrent content.

With Folx all your downloads can be split into two threads. The app also sports Tags. Just mark your downloads with tags that characterize them  best, and you’ll be able to find them anytime. When downloading several files you can prioritize the ones you need to download faster by just dragging them to the top of the queue.

Folx can also automatically resume your downloads in case the process was interrupted for some reason (if resuming is supported by a server). It’s also available as an US$19.95 pro version in which downloads can be split in up to 10 threads to achieve even faster download speed.

If you need to download torrent content, Folx also features built-in torrent search, meaning you can look for needed torrent right from Folx by just entering a keyword into the dialog. You can also schedule downloads by choosing the time and days to start downloading, time to stop downloading and exiting behavior: whether the system shuts down, switches to sleeping mode or else. A “Smart Speed Adjustment” option will limit download and upload speed automatically whenever you start using Internet more heavily.