Clickable Bliss has released ProfitTrain 2.0 (, an update to Mac OS X (10.5 and higher) invoicing application that now features: built-in reporting, flexible invoice workflows, line item blueprints, multiple business support and more.

ProfitTrain is an application for Mac OS X that helps freelancers and small businesses keep track of what they are doing for clients and create invoices for services rendered. Additionally, ProfitTrain will help you keep track of invoice payments as well as business expenses.

A free, fully functional, 30-day demo of ProfitTrain is available from the Clickable Bliss web site. A license can be purchased for US$49.95 directly from the Clickable Bliss online store.

ProfitTrain was previously known as Billable. Previous owners of Billable are eligible for upgrade pricing to ProfitTrain 2.0. An upgrade license from Billable costs $24.95.