Zerion Software, developer of the exZact data collection platform (http://www.iformbuilder.com), is developing a native iPad data collection solution. Customers will now have an additional platform option for their data collection needs, while at the same time allowing them to take advantage of the iPad’s new look, screen size, and enhanced feature-set, says Zerion President Sze Wong.

The new release of exZact is aimed at data collection, work order management and task management for the iPad. Features include: a side-by-side reference view (the ability to reference a document, map or video side-by-side with a form); the ability to view full page attachments; and enhanced drawing and HTML widgets

Development for the iPad native version of exZact has already begun, with a target date for the first release scheduled for the second quarter of 2010, coinciding with the launch of the iPad. Zerion has been offering the exZact Mobile platform since June 2009.