Upcoming AppleScript Pro Sessions will be the first to cover Apple’s
AppleScriptObjC technology, which gives “unprecedented access” to the
power of Mac OS X, according to Shane Stanley, session co-leader.

The sessions offer a full introduction to AppleScript, including the
changes in Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) and are aimed at both
beginners and advanced scripters. The classes are suitable for both
new and experienced scripters, with the emphasis on practical skills
that can be used across a range of applications, says Ray Robertson,
session co-leader.

The five-day sessions will be held at Dolphin Beach Resort in St.
Pete Beach, Florida. A special conference rate offers a limited
number of hotel rooms starting at US$99/night.

Pricing starts at $1500 for any three days, with a special discounted
package of $1,800 for all five days. The early bird rate is available
through March 5, unless sold out earlier. For more details, visit the
AppleScript Pro Sessions web site at http://www.applescriptpro.com .