TalentDrive (http://www.talentdrive.com) — the creator of the
innovative online resume sourcing technology, TalentFilter, has
released updates to its sourcing product, purportedly improving the
user experience through Boolean Search and advanced reporting.

This update brings users the ability to search for resumes in Boolean
String format, in addition to TalentFilter’s existing key word or job
description search, coupled with four new reporting functions,
offering users the most comprehensive sourcing product on the
market. With the release of these two major upgrades to the
TalentFilter product, users can customize their search efforts.

Users are able to search thousands of resume locations by entering a
job description, key words, or the newest function, detailed Boolean
String searches. The second upgrade included in this release of
TalentFilter is four new advanced reports, adding to TalentFilter’s
analytics and reporting capabilities. TalentFilter’s new reports
include OFCCP, Sources, Master Search and Seat Activity Reports.