AlpineSoft have released their vinyl-and-tape-to-CD-and-MP3 software,
VinylStudio, on the Mac. It offers all the features of it’s
Windows-based stablemate, plus the ability to integrate with the
iTunes Music Library.

VinylStudio is a software solution for digitizing vinyl LPs and
tapes. It records your records and tapes, splits those recordings
into tracks, removes scratches, tape hiss and more and burns both
audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs. You can also play your recordings on your
computer. VinylStudio can look up track listings over the Internet
and copy tracks to your iPod or MP3 player.

VinylStudio comes with audio cleanup filters to remove
clicks, crackles, tape hiss and more. All you need is a turntable (or
USB turntable) hooked up to your Mac, or you can record
cassettes using any cassette player. VinylStudio includes
instructions on how to connect up your turntable and will take you
through the entire process of digitizing your music step-by-step.

VinylStudio costs US$29.95. You can download a demo from the
AlpineSoft web site (